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Chao-Ling Chyou,
London, United Kingdom

What’s Taiwan’s
gay marriage

Credit/ Role

Researcher: Chao-Ling Chyou
UX Designer: Chao-Ling Chyou
Programmer(HTML/CSS): Chao-Ling Chyou

Background/ Design rationale

While Taiwan go through the movement progress for their same-sex marriage and reach out their milestone in legalising the same sex marriage.
But afterone year of legalising, couples who had registered had decreased between 2019 and 2020.
This data visualisation had showcased the reason why people were concerned about being engaged
and also what Taiwan can do forsame-sax rights in the future period.


UX flow

Here is the UX flow for storytelling the story about Taiwan’s gay marriage issue

so far and see what we can do to let user realise the problem and go ahead to the 
public awareness.