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Chao-Ling Chyou,
London, United Kingdom

Game: Cocoa Crisis


Researcher: Chao-Ling Chyou
Designer: Chao-Ling Chyou

Period: 04/ 2021  (One Week)  
Format: App Game


Project Intro

This project aims to educate the teens and young generation in the UK with how horrible does the cocoa result in the climate change (sea leveling up and carbon emission).

Cocoa is one of the disruptive products, which causing more and more climate issue, especially emission along with CO2 and the rising of sea level based on their production process and deforestation.  

Background Issues 

With the project brief, it will research, design and produce a report on a negative impact of convenience consumerism.

Starting to scroll down the issue on how cocoa will have negative impacts on it. As the progress of having research,realising how young people can’t realise how the issue would be the main shortages on the climate and deforestation problems.

Then, intending the project as the impactful way - app game design to reach out the goal, which let them aware of this environmental issue.    

Storyboard / user and workflow

For the storyboard, below is the context in each screen in each board:   

- Entrance page (user may curious and wait)
- Log in or sign up (first time user) - insturctions (user realise how the game work and the purpose)
- game started(user can start to immerse into the game)
- during the game (user would focus on finishing the task) - fail or successful (sucessful - well done), (fail- good effrots)
- back to the entrance page or the entrance page  


Game main page 

Log in


Game starting

Game Duration: pick up the sustainability coca, sea level goes down