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Chao-Ling Chyou,
London, United Kingdom

E-scooter Racing Game


Researcher: Chao-Ling Chyou
Designer: Chao-Ling Chyou

Period: 04/ 2022 - 06/2022 (three months)  
Format: App


Moblie  Stimulation



Based on Department of Tramsport in the UK, they had revealed the report on e-scooter report with some thoughts with advantages and disadvantages in e-scooters. 

Advantages are mostly be fun and environment-friendly with people who aged between 18-40, and some disadvantages in some accidents occurred in the night 
with cars, bicycles even though pedestrians alongeside some injury with over 15mph.    
In order to encourage people in the UK to use e-scooters but educate them some of instuctions with safety and security issues, especially Gen-z people who aged  18-24, making video games with interfaces to encourage them break out the rules in having e-scooter not just sustainability but with safety and security.    

Design Rationale

This design of the game is based on video games, suitable for Gen-z for playing and get tthe information with e-scooters.  

At the beginning, it will go on instructions on how game is playing and greeting to users.  While entering the game, there is panel for speed during the period, time user left, three lives, how far user had been and coins they had.  

With game rules,  user can change mode with daytime or midnight. In midnight, system will speed up with 12mph (it will increase the opportunities with incidents but can slow down by controlers with up and down), and more obstacles with cars and stones. There also have some suppliers in the setting page, for saving lives with helmets and bond-aid in additional 5 seconds.    

For result,  user can see how far and average speed they had during the journey also carbon emissions they had reduced equivalent to electricity in bulb(came from user’s thoughts in the user interviews).